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After hearing of the tremendous success our real estate agent clients have experienced, we are excited to offer a new version of our HOMES2VALUE program tailored specifically for mortgage lenders!

HOMES2VALUE is a turn-key solution that allows you to dominate your area. By combining traditional farming techniques with cutting-edge technology, we make you the "go-to" lender for your neighborhood.

Developing an effective marketing campaign is critical for a successful lending business. To be a top lender in today’s environment, you MUST approach your campaign with a new level of sophistication. Farm4Value provides this sophistication by incorporating traditional, proven techniques with modern lead generation technology.

We create a distinct brand awareness of who you are. We effectively and efficiently drive potential customers to your business by analyzing the value of your campaign and providing you the return on investment that you deserve. We offer customized mailers to fit your specific needs. We provide route exclusivity and ensure your mailers are delivered to your target market.

Click to play Home2Value Intro Video
Click to play Home2Value Intro Video


Watch your listings grow with the consistency of farming.

Farming Delivers Consistency

It is a fact that top producers in the industry DOMINATE their farm area. If you are not farming, you are losing potential clients to those who ARE farming your area. One of the biggest mistakes lenders make is thinking they can send out one mailer and expect a response. This is not the case. CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY TO FARMING. It has been shown that you must be seen several times before you become the “go to” neighborhood lender to contact.

Setting yourself apart from your competition in a positive way is a must.  We accomplish this by strategically marketing to your farm area, giving you the visibility you need to reach your target audience.  We develop and grow your personal brand/logo and farm your niche market with a customized farming campaign that is results driven. Every lead that visits your landing page is immediately sent to you!

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Lead Generating Landing Page

As a signature component of HOMES2VALUE, each campaign includes a custom branded landing page. A call to action is included on each mailer, driving prospects to your landing page. Each mailer includes a unique code which the recipient is prompted to enter to receive their home's worth or to receive a free home marketing plan. When this code is entered, our HOMES2VALUE system knows which mail recipiant entered the code and immediately alerts you to the lead so you can follow-up.



Route Exclusivity

With FARM2VALUE's route exclusivity, you can be assured you are the only one using our powerful program to farm your area. As long as you stay with FARM2VALUE, your farm area will remain yours and yours alone. Don't miss your chance to be the DOMINANT lender in your area. Contact us today to see if your area is available. 



Valuable Return on Your Investment

Our lender program offers an impressive ROI for your marketing dollar. With our custom lending campaign, you will:

  • Get noticed potential customers.
  • Maintain current customer.
  • Obtain debt consolidation mortgage leads.
  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Open the door to developing new business affiliates for networking and co-branding.

Start Realizing Your ROI


What Gets Your Brand Remembered

Our award-winning design team creates the personalized look you need to stand out, building a personal campaign that produces results. We deliver your clearly-written and expertly-crafted message to your audience. We brand you and your business well above the industry standard. Don’t let poor quality marketing ruin your business!

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